So…this is weird?

When I was younger, I tried to keep a diary. I stopped writing in it after one week. When I was in high school, I tried to keep a journal. This time I was better. I wrote in it for a whole month before dumping it in the back of my cupboard. At the beginning of each year, I’d make a resolution to write in it continuously along with the usual stuff which people always make but never stick to, like join the gym and eat healthier. So every January, I’d pull it out of my cupboard and try and write but would eventually give up only to bring it out the next year and repeat the process.

Why now, you may ask, do you want to start a blog which is probably going to be lame and you’ll give up on after a while? Well, the plan is to not give up on it and hopefully it’ll be less lame than I am. Kind of just need a platform on which to talk about anything and everything, even if just a handful of people or even no-one reads it. Just need to talk about things I see and experience.