Perfume Genius – Queen


So I know I’m late to the party but Perfume Genius and this song is just too good for me to not share it with everyone. I was watching Mr Robot and I heard the song Queen.

Before I dive into why Perfume Genius is so brilliant with words and how powerful and thought provoking all of his lyrics are, I have to acknowledge how absolutely amazing the music alone is.

Queen is a track on Perfume Genius’s third album, Too Bright, which was released in 2014. The song features an intoxicating synthesised chorus which I struggle to find words to describe how amazing it sounds. When I first youtubed the song, I was listening to it with my eyes closed and the minute the music following “No family is safe/When I sashay” played, my eyes were forced open and it just struck a chord within me. Powerful.

In the next 20 times I listened to it, I focused on the lyrics. “Don’t you know your queen?/Ripped, heaving/Flower bloom at my feet, ” I loved how the flamboyance with which the gay community is stereotypically associated with is boldly stated in an almost defiant and indifferent way. Like yeah this is who I am and I’m hella proud. His records emphasise (well at least it does with me) that we should be wholly accepting and proud of who we truly are.

Perfume Genius – Queen

Definitely something worth listening to. I am a fan of the musical genius that is Perfume Genius now. Also check out the song “Grid” and “Fool”  🙂


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