One Great Song And I Could Change The World

Have I said why I love the sunrise?/ It’s ‘cause it’s only gonna get lighter./ Feels different than paradise./ Is this love?

I had one of those days when nothing seemed to be going right: traffic, came home late, a crap load of work and an argument with a family member. Pissed to the max, I listened to Swim Deep’s One Great Song And I Could Change The World.

Yes, the title is a mouthful but the song is full of something else: hope.

Now, I’m focusing mostly on the chorus but it spoke to me that day. The song described the numerous opportunities that a new day brings. As the sun rises, the sky is lit by endless colours. Likewise, the day is filled with endless possibilities.

I’m a glass-half-full kind of girl and I like this idea that no matter how shit a day can be, tomorrow has to be better. I refuse to wallow in my misfortune. I strongly believe in the law of attraction. So if you’re positive, you will attract positivity.

If you watch the sun rise, you get to watch the world wake up and as it does, you feel in control and as if you get to decide how you want that day to go.

The direct interpretation aside, the song is beautiful and with Swim Deep’s evolving style of music with their indie-pop and psychedelic-pop backing and artfully crafted lyrics, they make magic.

Have a listen 🙂



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